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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Like Athlete's foot..

Just when you all thought I'd gone away, I'm back! Like a particularly nasty case of Herpes, I've been dormant for ages, only to be awakened by UV.

In answer to the many (unasked) questions,
1) No I'm not dead.
2) No I've not been ill.
3) Yes, I have.
4) Only the once, but I promised never to talk about it.

I have been shockingly idle on the blogging front, I haven't even been lurking. I'm dreading looking at the spam that's no doubt accumulated in the "hidden" comments from old posts. I've noticed that untended blogs are rather like untended dinner plates, after a while they accumulate strange and malodorous growths.

But anyways, I thought it time to check back in.

I'm still working, although we haven't had any overtime for a few weeks. This is probably just as well, since although the money was great, the gain of half a stone in weight and incipient RSI wasn't.

I have just finished a creative writing course at my local college. I'm already missing it. It was a real kick in the arse to get writing properly. Next term I'll have to try and find a course at my local Uni, once I've figured out my work load.

And most importantly, I got into my first-choice University for PGCE. I shan't elaborate any more, suffice to say it is a well-respected Uni Daan Saarf and I'm really looking forward to it.

Next week, I shall be off to Paris on Holiday, then visiting a local Primary school for a day, as part of my course preparation. Although I will be studying to teach Secondary Biology, we are expected to visit a couple of Primary Schools to see where the kids come from, and get a feel for what level they are at before they start secondary school.

Au revoir



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