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Sunday, January 09, 2005

As promised, a few Blogs I like

Well here are a few that have caught my eye over the last few weeks.

The Policeman's Blog
This is the first blog that I seriously perused after seeing it on the BBC online website In fact it finally crystallised a growing idea and made me sign up to blogger. Its amusing and provides a cynical look on policing that the Bill etc just don't give. He's a little pro-Gun for my tastes, I suspect that if he lived surrounded by the fuckwits I do he might not be so keen to let them own a gun. I mean its bad enough that criminals have the bloody things - but if some of my neighbours, who are too dumb to get hold of one illegally, were able to buy them as easily as in the US... god help us all!

Random Acts Of Reality :: Main Page
Another blog featured in the BBC article, this one charts the life of a London Ambulance Driver. As cynical as the Policeman's blog, with obvious similarities of course, it still gives an often humerous insight into a side of life most of us would rather not have to experience first hand. Most amusing though are some of the commenters who fail to notice that 95% of the people discussing the issues raised in the posts are medical professionals and so, despite not having any medical knowledge in the slightest, are willing to chip in and give advice. I suspect that most of us have a friend like that...

JonnyB's private secret diary
This is briliant. Its a great blog charting life's inanities from a man in Norfolk. Wonderfully written, it conjours images almost of John Peel or The Royle Family. I've read all the archives and laughed at every one of them.

the mighty crumb
Very witty and amusing blog, the perfect partner for JonnyB's diary above. Particularly amusing is "The Friday Fuckwit". I've read about half of his archives so far and have yet to find a nomination I disagree with.

HE LOOKS LIKE.... The Morbid Game of Psychoanalyzing Strangers in Pictures
Cruel and unnecessary site taking the piss out of total strangers - I highly recommend!



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