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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Perusing the blogosphere again

Well, I've just installed the new Haloscan thingy and so it seems as good a time as any to list a few more blogs that have gotten my attention.

First up is Paranoid Prom Queen, another lucky soul who spends her nights lying awake staring at the bedroom ceiling calculating how many hours she has left until the alarm clock rings and she has to haul herself out of bed without any sleep. I can of course sympathise entirely. I was doing rather well until the middle of last week, when my body clock suddenly slipped again. Now it is between 4 and 5 am before I finally get to sleep. Since I am not under any enforcement to attend the lab before lunch, I have been crawling in at 1 pm. Since I'm busy I'm not leaving the lab until 8 to 10pm. By the time I've done my housework, blogged a bit, surfed the internet and perhaps watched a DVD its 1 am and I'm full of beans and raring to go, so its 4 am before I settle down again. And so the cycle repeats. Aside from the nagging guilt at turning up so late, its also a rather lonely existence at times. Most of my workmates go home before 6pm and those that are left are just trying to get home themselves ASAP. It is also difficult to justify a leisurely tea break mid-afternoon doing the communal crossword when you've only been in a couple of hours. Normally I would try a big reset by staying awake all night, but I've been doing some sensitive experiments (and will be using radioisotopes soon) so a decent kip is more important than getting into work at a decent hour. Oh well. Perhaps when I've had my meeting with SWMNBN next week I can get some downtime and try a reset.

On a more fun note, the ever excellent Copper's Blog has recommended a similar kindred spirit in The Law West of Ealing Broadway, the blog of a British magistrate. Like Copper's Blog and Random Acts of Reality it sheds a little light on the amusing events in the most serious of jobs and gives a little insight into who these often anonymous public servants really are. I recommended Copper's Blog and The Law West of Ealing Broadway, to a friend of mine who is a junior solicitor and I suspect the link will be doing the email rounds first thing tomorrow. She particularly enjoyed the story about the Magistrate being called "Your Majesty". I don't want to give away any more read the post yourself (Sunday, January 09, 2005).

Being a professional scientist, I subscribe to the notion that plagiarism (technical term nicking a good idea) is not really plagiarism if you give full credit to the person whom you stole it from. The technical term for this is "Citing". Therefore it only seems right to cite the hilarious The Mighty Crumb, whose brilliant Friday Fuckwit I have adapted and transmuted into The Tuesday Twat. This week's Friday Fuckwit was the simultaneously both obscure and ubiquitous Michael Fenton-Stevens. Who? Read and find out! (Friday, January 21, 2005).

Managing to be both funny and moving at the same time is Cancergiggles, the blog of a colon cancer sufferer. I'm not going to blather on about how brave or inspirational he is - he wouldn't appreciate it, even though its true. I'm just going to wish him and all his loved ones the best for the future and keep on tuning in to his witty and funny posts.

There are plenty more out there, and as I come across them I'll collect them and do another post in the future.



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