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Friday, January 14, 2005

Woohoo! A temporary reprieve!

My day started with two bits of good news today. Firstly, my next meeting with SWMNBN has been postponed indefinately. Yesterday I arranged a meeting with SWMNBN and the rest of the project team for next week. Today however, it transpires that one of the key participants in the meeting forgot to update his diary and is unavailable for the meeting. This has thrown a huge spanner in the works and eventually it was decided to postpone the meeting to a time when everyone can get together, probably in a few weeks. This of course gives me time to actually get some work done. It also allows me to celebrate my birthday this weekend without a sense of dread and feeling guilty about not being in the lab at the weekend.

The second bit of good news is that whilst SWMNBN is definately going to share lab space with us - it is unlikely to be before the summer. My contract is up in July and I am already looking around for a new job. I may have dodged the bullet!

Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning
As I mention in the intro to the blog, I am currently single and living in a bachelor pad (calling it a shag pad would be false advertising I'm afraid). Therefore, I live in what could be kindly described as squalor. This weekend, I have foolishly decided to invite a few friends over for beer nibbles and music to celebrate my birthday. Being as organised as I am, I have decided to leave cleaning the flat until the last possible minute. Although it is thursday today, I am going out on the piss Friday night, so won't be doing any cleaning obviously. To make matters even worse, my parents and gran (who are coincidently my harshest critics on matters of cleanliness) are visiting on saturday so I won't be able to clean or prepare much before people start arriving saturday evening. Not only do I have to clean the flat, I also need to prepare the food. With that in mind, I decided to make one of my "famous" pizzas. I like to make my pizzas from scratch starting with flour. I then add garlic and herbs with a little olive oil to make a truly lovely base. Tonight, things were going well. I had made one, smallish pizza base and was preparing the second when disaster struck! I slipped when adding the warm water and flooded the bowl. Suddenly the decision not to buy more flour "because there's loads in the old packet" seemed reckless, foolish and needlessly tight-fisted. Result? What could be best described as carpet paste with bits of oregano stuck in it. The shops were closed by this point and even if they weren't my fingers had pretty much glued shut - I wasn't going anywhere.


Looks like I am going to have to buy pre-made pizza or, if I am lucky, some pre-made bases.

"Celebrity" Big Brother
Nominations day. Entirely predictably the misogynist and the bride of Frankenstein are up for eviction. If I were a betting man, I'd say Jackie is most likely out. Although very funny, she is also phenomenally spoilt and irritating with a whiny voice. John on the other hand, has found his voice again and is back at the top of his game entertainment wise. I'd hate to be stuck in a house with him - but I certainly get pleasure out of wtaching other people cope with him.

I'm probably not going to have time to update before sunday. If I do update before then, I will almost certainly be as drunk as a skunk when doing so - apologies in advance...



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