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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Daytime Telly

I'm afraid that SaneScientist has been a little bit poorly the past few days. Don't panic! Its nothing too serious and the virus is unlikely to be passed on by reading blogger. Difficult to define, it largely involved tummy trouble, bit of a fever, headaches and an inability to sleep properly. Probably stress related, if the size of my to do list is anything to go by.

Anyways, I have been watching daytime telly. Despite 8 years at University, I had never really watched Richard and Judy. This is probably because as a science student rather than a humanities student I was expected to do more mundane things, like visit campus more than twice a week. So as I channel hopped this evening, imagine my surprise when I came across our dearly beloved Prime Minister sitting on the cushions! Sadly, I missed the indepth probing about the Iraq war but did enjoy seeing his Blairiness squirming uncomfortably over the question of whether he buys his wife flowers. The missus, spurred on by an obviously fearsome mother-in-law, had cheekily rung Richard and Judy the week before to let the world know that hubby had never bought her flowers - unexpected or otherwise - in all their years of marriage. Tony claimed that he had other ways of being romantic - but seemed at a loss to name one. A word to Mr Chirac or Sr Berlusconi - at the next EU summit meeting why not take Tony aside and give him a few tips? Maybe then he'd look a bit more relaxed.

Of course the piece de resistance was Blair being ambushed into taking over Richard's role in "You say we pay". In this quiz, a large screen behind Richard and Judy shows an image of an object or a famous person. The caller (today the lovely Vivien) describes the object and R&J try and guess it. Each correct answer wins the caller a grand. Blair had that slightly bemused look that Rabbits adopt when faced with 2 large lights, travelling toward them at 60mph, as they are trying to figure out why the smooth surface they are sitting on has no grass to nibble. Even with Richard yelling the answers from off stage (and surely he could see the screen), Blair didn't even seem to understand what he should be doing let alone what the answer could be. Amusingly, the only one he got correct was "Sharon Stone" - in response to the description "Starred in a movie opposite Michael Douglas where she uncrosses her legs".

Maybe Tony spoke to Bill last week about his marital problems...



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