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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Crappy Day (part 2)

I should have posted this yesterday - but as you can guess I'm pretty busy at the moment...

Anyway, although my work was going abysmally, on a personal level I figured that things were going pretty well. Some weeks ago, I mentioned that I fancied a woman at work, but another friend was contemplating asking her out. Anyways, I figured enough time had passed for him to make his move and thought "sod it! I'll have a crack".

We had spent the day gossiping in the lab and our conversation had turned to films. I promised that I'd lend her my Lost in Translation DVD. We then lamented how we never had time to go to the cinema and that there were several really good films that we wanted to see. Well the lab was pretty busy at the time, and I hate to crash and burn in front of an audience, so I decided to wait until we had a bit more privacy. About 4 in the afternoon, I noticed that most of my colleagues were sitting in the computer cluster, so I decided to nip into the lab. I went in and couldn't see her anywhere.

"Where is she?" I asked the Fountain of Lab Gossip (here in refered to as FLG).

"Oh, she's still off with your mate having coffee - you know what they are like"
I felt my stomach flip slightly,
FLG - looked at me,
"Oh, you were ill last week - you know that she and your mate are seeing each other don't you? That's why she's been yawning all day - dirty girl"

A perfect end to a perfect day...



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