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Monday, April 18, 2005

Back on t'interweb

Well I didn't have my internet connection cut-off... but I may be responsible for bringing down the internet connection for my whole building. Because my building has its own ISP, whose support staff work office hours and don't posses an answer phone (I kid you not), by the time folks got home from work and found the connection was dead - that was it until monday morning.

I was relieved to find out that the whole building was offline, and they hadn't just cut me off. But I felt that I would probably be about as popular as Michael Jackson shopping in Mothercare if I mentioned it to any of my neighbours. So I just nodded sympathetically and cursed our ISP. Still 3 Megabits for £25/month, can't complain too loudly.

I have a new toy. I've just bought a shiny new digital TV tuner for my laptop. Even running off the supplied internal aerial I can pick up just about every channel I think that I am entitled to, but occassionally the picture jitters a bit, so I'll get an extension lead I think. The picture quality is superb - sadly it doesn't improve the programme quality. ITV2 and ITV3 appear to be entirely made up of repeats or "extended coverage" of reality TV shows. Unfortunately the channels worth watching - like E4 - aren't on FreeView so I can't watch Smallville or other good dramas without having to wait for 12 months.

The best bit is that it can work as a TIVO/Sky+ box. I'm pausing Little Britain as I write this just because. And had I been a little quicker with the rewind button I could have been selling high-Quality MPEG movies of Paula Radcliffe to golden shower officianados yesterday morning.



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