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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Heil Papa!

Ok, Ok, cheap gag I know.

The Cardinals have voted and we have a new Pope. Or more likely, more of the same. Step forward, Cardinal Ratzinger - or Benedict 16 to his mates. Hoping for a more progresive papacy was probably a bit much to hope for, given that PJP2 elected practically all of the Cardinals voting, but it would seem that if his past form is anything to go by, BXVI will be a huge step backwards.

Jokes about his Hitler Youth connections are probably a bit unfair. Joining the Hitler Youth was pretty much mandatory back in those days and kids were signed up by the class-load for what at first glance seemed little more than Germany's answer to the Boy scouts. To his credit, he refused to join the Nazi party and defected from the German army during the war. His 25 year friendship with the Pole PJP2 suggests that he wasn't a Nazi by nature. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt on that.

But, unless he has a complete volte face, he is going to be a real hardline bigotted bastard.
Condoms to Africa to combat AIDS?
Nope, not a chance. Everyone knows that God thinks contraception is more dangerous than HIV.
Acceptance of homosexuals as equals?
Nope. God hate's fags. He may have made them and they may be doing nothing to harm anyone, but they'll still burn in hell. Although it must be noted that He is infinitely forgiving when it comes to buggering choir boys.
Reaching out to other faiths?
Courting the Lutherian's aside, BXVI believes that Judaism lacks that certain something - namely christianity. I shudder to think what he thinks of Islam.
Women Priests?
Women have a special role in the church. Namely doing the cleaning after mass.

Well, at the risk of condemning my eternal soul to the fiery pits of damnation (and I once vistited Bilbao before it became the European city of Culture, so I know what hell is) - role on the next conclave, and see if you can't take a little longer next time boys.



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