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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Tuesday Twat(S)

No. 13. Spendaholics.

OK, this one really gets my goat. The BBC has a show about spendaholics. Being in the "dead zone" - that dreadful TV period between 7 and 9 pm when it's wall to wall home-makeovers and soaps, I don't watch it very often. But I've seen about 3 of these shows and they get my blood boiling.

The format is simple. Somebody with a stonking amount of debt and no common-sense whatsoever is given a lifestyle makeover by a couple of financial experts. I can't fault these experts. I reserve my wrath for the stupid fuckers on the show.

These people have 10's of thousands of pounds worth of debt. Now I'm not talking about unfortunate people who have lost their job, or been the victim of tragic circumstances. No, I'm talking about people who take home £375 per week - but spend £750 per week on clothes, clubbing, alloy wheels for their top-range BMW and CDs - not including their mortgage etc. They borrow money off relatives and pretty soon end up owing £46,000 (£23,000 to their parents), like the stupid bint on last night's show.

A good case in point. A young woman working as a bus supervisor (you know, those morons that stand on the side of the road in a fluorescent jacket at the bus stop). I worked out that my take-home-pay is about 60 percent more than hers. How is it then that she feels able to spend 30 time as much as I do on CDs, clothes and shoes?

Sure, we all have months where the outgoings are more than the incomings - but when money is tight do we go and buy 3 pairs of £100 trainers (sneakers to those over the pond). Do we spend £200 on CDs? How about going out to a night club and buying all of your mates their drinks for the evening? Do you then go and badger your Mum - who earns less than you do and runs her own house - to lend you money?

I suspect not.

It's the breathtaking arrogance that gets me. They seem to see it all as a big joke. Their parents and loved ones are beside themselves with worry as their little darlings repeatedly open new credit cards and run up the maximum debt. One man, very clearly was responsible for his father's stroke, and eventual death. No question. Bastard.

Now I am, perhaps somewhat sartorially challenged - but even so I am horrfied when they open their wardrobe doors. The aforementioned bus supervisor had boxes upon boxes of expensive trainers, many never worn. The woman on the TV last night claimed to have a phobia of sales - so would think nothing of spending £40 on plain white T-shirt. She also had 5 identical pairs of soft shoes - 1 for walking on concrete, 1 for walking on sand, 1 for best, 1 for best best etc etc.

The credit card firms have to shoulder some of the blame of course. They happily give them cards with £5,000 or more credit limits and don't seem to care that the twat in question already has 10 or even 20 other cards maxed out, which they are not paying the minimum monthly fee on.

But ultimately, its all down to these selfish half-witted morons, who earn a decent wage (some earn a good bit more than I do) yet spend like Elton John.

So here is SaneScientist's top tip for financial stability. When your bank statement comes, look at the number that says "Outgoing". Compare it to the number that says "Incoming". If it is bigger - don't go fucking clothes shopping unless you have nothing without holes in it.

Thank you for your attention.




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