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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Particulars noted

Well, it seems that I didn't make a complete hash of that job application form - Friday I'm off for an interview. Since I intend to continue this blog when I get a new job, I am going to be deliberately vague. Suffice to say, it's at a good university daan sarf (as Southern Bird would say).

I have decided that after the fiasco of this post-doc, choosing an interesting project, in a good lab, with a supervisor whom I respect and like, will be the main priority. Therefore, I will be interviewing the interviewer as much as they are interviewing me. Hopefully, I will get given a tour of the lab facilities by a loose-tongued postdoc/postgrad who will dish the dirt if this supervisor is one to be avoided.

I only found out about the interview a couple of days ago, which is a bit irritating. With the bank holiday monday eating up the first day of the week, it really screwed up my plans for the week. It also means that I had to purchase my train ticket at pretty much full price. Bugger.

This is the first job interview that I have had since my PhD 6 years ago. My current project was pretty much "You need money. We have a job. Do you want it?". Having not been paid for over 9 months, there was really only one answer... So Thursday will be spent revising and reading up on this new lab's field of expertise, which is something I know precious little about. I have the technical skills that they demand, but know little about the actual science, so I will have some reading to do on the train no doubt.

I have to catch the train at 9 am. This does mean that I will have to forgo my usual habit of sitting up until the early hours watching the results from the election roll in. Well, maybe just until my ward declares. Or perhaps until Michael Howard. Or Tony Blair...

Bugger, you just know that I am going to be bleary-eyed Friday morning...

So, time to shine my shoes, iron a shirt and get a haircut...



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