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Friday, May 20, 2005

The waiting game...

Well, the last candidate for the job I applied for should have been interviewed yesterday - and I haven't heard anything. So good news or bad news? On the one hand, the University's interview procedures seemed quite strict - they insisted on a second academic being present in the interview. This may indicate that the University insists all correspondence should be by letter, meaning that the good news is on its way. On the other hand, the interviewer and I got on very well, and have since been in contact by email concerning expenses. I also requested a copy of their latest article, currently in press but not yet available in print (brown-nosing and reminding them of my existance never hurts I feel - perhaps I ought to read it sometime). Therefore, I was perhaps expecting a phone call or email offering me the position. I have been clicking Send&Receive in Outlook every few minutes for the last 24 hours. Nada. So here's hoping...

If the answer is no, then I will be very disapointed, but will phone to ask for feedback. I have identified another job that I will apply for next week - but it is hard to work up any enthusiasm at the moment.

Well, I survived Wednesday's "progress" meeting with SWMNBN.

I cunningly positioned myself at the far end of the huge dining table that we were using and made sure that I had an insulating person between us. I also made sure that I had a quick word with my other PI before the meeting. I outlined the problems and suggested a few remedies, which were quickly picked up and batted around the table by all the other participants. SWMNBN's expression was an intriguing cross between someone who's just biten unexpectedly into a lemon, and someone who has then noticed half a maggot with toothmarks in said lemon...

She took a few swipes at the absent former postdoc responsible for the mess, but mostly seemed resigned to the situation, thus proving that the practise of spiking drinks with Rohypnol shouldn't just be confined to nightclubs! This does mean that I really need to come up with the goods by the next meeting in about 3 weeks time, but then that's the story of my life...

Random thought for the day...

Why do the management of the works canteen (which is open between 9am and 4pm), think that the wisest time to close half the tills and cash them up is 1pm? Does some manager with brains in his or her arse look at the staff rotas and notice that there are extra staff on at lunchtime - thus making it a perfect time to count the float?



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