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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Oh, what a perfect day...

Well the day started great... not!
Today was yet another "progress" meeting with SWMNBN. She was her usual charming self, having already distributed my "progress" report, she was well aware of the problems I'd been having, so when it came to my turn to present the data she started with
"Lets hear what Sanescientist has been doing... or rather not doing".
That really pisses me off. Last week, as I mentioned, I worked stupid hours and cut short a weekend to get back in the lab. Rather annoyingly, my other supervisor didn't feel the need to mention that Friday morning, when he arrived shortly after 8, I was leaving with the promise that I'd be back later in the evening. Cheers, mate.

I bit my tongue, knowing that a protracted argument would just extend the meeting still further. And after only 3 hours sleep, I really wasn't in the mood.

The afternoon got even better. I finally got an email confirming what I suspected - I hadn't got the job I was interviewed for last month. Gutted.

Still, sitting around feeling sorry for myself isn't terribly productive and I believe that if you fall of a horse, you should get straight back on again. So I downloaded some papers written by the lab I applied for last week. Just to make myself feel better, I also downloaded an application form for a lab run by 2 Nobel prize winners. Actually, reading the job description, I'm not sure I am actually qualified so I probably won't apply - but still, it made me feel better.

Anyway, I figured "fuck it", and went home early (well I say early, 1830h which still felt deliciously naughty). Just to finally round off the day in style, I took my heavily overdue library books back. I have set a new personal record - £18.24 in fines. I have really got to get into the habit of making time to take the books back. On the plus side, I reckon they will probably name a shelf after me.

Oh and by the way - its 0100h, and they are still digging the road up outside my bedroom window with a pneumatic piledriver.




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