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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Tuesday Twat(s)

Oooopsie - it's become a Wednesday Wanker again, sorry. However, I had a job interview today (I'll do a post later in the week) and between practising (i.e. writing) my presentation andtrying to get some final data to talk about, I just didn't have the time. On the plus side, writing this on the train is the perfect antidote to a tiring and stressfull day.

No. 25 Gillette - the best a man can't get.

Mosher has blogged on this in the past I believe, but I think that it is definitely worthy of a Tuesday Twat award.
My father and I are both fine specimens of masculinity. The downside of this is that we have iron-like stubble. I don't have to wear a shirt and collar to work thank god, my father on the other hand has to replace his shirts about twice a year, as he tends to fray the neck.
A perhaps unexpected downside of our excessive virility is that we also wear through razors at an astonishing rate. Being a scruffy lab rat, I can get away with shaving 2 or 3 times a week now, in part to save money. Back when I shaved daily, I would blunt blades every few days. So I started using an electric razor. I soon averaged one a year, eventually the rotating blades would become blunt and I would have to replace them.

So imagine our excitement when Gillette released it's Mach3! My old man and I both received pomotional packs through the post. Mine went straight into the corner of the bathroom where I keep such oddities as the bog brush and the overnight washkit my gran bought me for christmas. Bless her, I don't think she quite knows what the makers of the small bag and mini toiletries meant by "everything a man needs for a dirty stop out". And she certainly didn't know it contained 3 condoms and a silk thong.

Anyway, a week later my old man answered my Sunday phone call with, "Wow have you tried that new gillette razor - it's amazing! I've used it all week and it's still sharp! And you can shave against the grain as well if you use oil".

Fuckin A! He was right. Sure, a pack of 8 blades costs enough to fund 3 African dictators for a month, but I can get them to last 2 weeks before they simply start tearing hair out at the roots.
All was happy in the world of Sanescientist - until this week when I have a job interview, no blades left, look like a homeless person and neither of my local supermarkets or corner shops are able to get them because Gillette are having "supply problems".

Aaaagh. Twats!




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