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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

36 hours and counting....

until I am homeless.

This is worse than waiting to hear the outcome of my PhD viva. Seriously, I am so stressed that I can't eat and I haven't been able to bring mself to do anymore packing.

I had my interview with the last place outstanding on my potential house list. The guy who is advertising it has simply disapeared, and no one has seen him. The rest of the house were surprised when I told them he was in Scotland. I got on well with the rest of the house and said that I needed to know ASAP. Just as I was saying this, someone else turned up - completely unexpectedly.

The girl who had given me the grand tour last time said that she would phone the advertiser and let him know and get him to phone me back. It looks like I have passed muster with the rest of the house, so fingers crossed.

However it has now been 3 hours and I still haven't received a call from this joker. I have phoned him 3 times, the first time I left a message, reminding him (for the THIRD time that I need an answer tonight). The other 2 times I hungup before the tone. His is the only contact number I have, I don't even know who the bloody landlord is.

This is really starting to fucking piss me off. This twat knows that he has to move out in less than 2 days, and that other people NEED him to pull his fucking finger out. And as the clock ticks toward 10:30 pm, I wonder if he'll even phone tonight. Fucking bastard.



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