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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Perusing the blogosphere (3)

Well, it's time to update the old blogroll again, as well as pointing you toward a few new links on the right hand sidebar.

Firstly, a deletion. It seems that after some online nastiness a few months ago, Lascivious has permanently deleted his excellent Daily Propaganda. Lascivious, if you still lurk here mate drop me a line at the email address in my profile - let me know how life is treating you and if your future plans are working out. And should you decide to start blogging again, let me know and I'll replace the link.

A few new additions, many of whom have been posting comments here - or whom I simply like.

Sir Findo Gask, who promises that "Everything you read is true, apart from the names, the locations and the facts.."

Next up is Da Goldfish - but I suggest you wait a bit until the truly disturbing photograph on his current post has been pushed a bit further down the screen.

Ed's secret Diary of interactions looks promising - even if the URL is a bit weird...

It seems that Johnny B has agreed to timeshare Norfolk's only dialup internet connection with the extemely amusing Mr Andrew, at The God Awful Truth. Well worth a visit, he's also mates with Ed above. Ahhh sweet.

The Pink Lemonade Diva is apparently so stunningly attractive that strange men drive into her car in carparks, just to get an opportunity to speak to her. How could I not have her in my blogroll?

Sessy is moving house. The sympathy vote alone gets her on to the blogroll, but that aside, she is well worth a visit.

Finally, some of my posters do have blogs but don't link to them when they leave a comment. Fair enough, I respect your privacy, but I'd love to read them and maybe trade a link. Let me know if you change your mind.

And if you still have time to kill, check out the new links on the right. New Scientist is the number one science and technology magazine in the world. Aimed at the intelligent lay reader, you don't need to be a specialist to read it. If you see a story that you find interesting on the TV or in a newspaper but don't want to try and decipher the original reearch, give New Scientist a shot.

The Scientist is a "trade mag" for post docs. It is rather US-centric, but nevertheless is an interesting read for the life-science specialist. You should still be able to get a free paper copy delivered as well.

The Onion. Deeply funny, satire. Not always safe for work, if you have swear filters built in.



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