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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Tuesday Twat(s)

No 31. My council.

When it comes wasting council tax payer's money, my council is always coming up with new and innovative methods to piss it all away. If it involves making life less useful for residents, then so much the better.

The latest wheeze is the final (I hope!) outcome of their herculean road digging saga.

The council have decided to lower the curb in front of all pedestrian crossings and replace the tarmac with tactile slabs for the blind. These are red paving slabs that have a prominent raised, patterned surface. The red colour allows the visually impaired to see them and the raised surface allows the blind to feel them. Guide dogs can also be trained to seek them out when crossing the road. The lowered curb allows wheelchairs greater access.

This would be a great idea - except for one slight addition.

The council has also replaced the pedestrian crossing buttons, with their large Red/Green man symbols and distinctive loud beeping... with a new silent one that consists of small red and green lights at waist height.

Thus blind people who were able to cross the road unaided at the old crossing are now, despite having nice new red paving slabs, unable to do so without relying on the kindness of strangers because they can't fucking hear when they have right of way. Even those with perfect eyesight are at risk because you have to stand with your back to the traffic to see the little green lights. And if there are a crowd of people at the crossing, it can be almost impossible.

If there was an MBE for services to twattery, the dickhead in planning who came up with this idea would be in the New year's honours list for sure. I want a refund.




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