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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Could there be an easier way to earn money?

Well, this week I'm temping. I am a receptionist in a sports centre. This basically involves me sitting on my arse, reading a book and occasionally answering the phone or taking money. For which I get paid £6.50 an hour. Dull - yes, but I am basically being paid for doing sod all, so I am just happy on principle. It's a bit like being on the dole I guess, except I have to wear a shirt and shave.

The good thing is that I am working the evening shift, 4:30 to 9:30, which frees up my days. I'm hoping to get some more work during the day. The way I see it, this job is hardly taxing, so even if I actually work hard during the day, I can still earn money in the evening for minimal effort. I have pretty much guaranteed myself a permanent job by making myself useful. Years of fiddling about with Microsoft Excel have finally come in handy. Tonight I opened my box of tricks and rearranged their customer database and showed them how to save time by using simple functions like Concatenate to join multiple bits of data together (rather than copying and pasting hundreds of individual columns of data). Hours of time saved for the sports centre, extra brownie points for me and an hour spent actually using my brain. Everyone's a winner!



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