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Friday, September 23, 2005

Grrr. I give up!

This wireless internet connection is up and down more than Jordan's knickers at a job interview. So the tuesday twat will resume next week when I have cleared enough space to put my desktop PC back on a desktop. At the moment I am sitting in an armchair, hunched forward trying to see the screen under the dining table. I can't see the top of the screen, so minimising or closing windows is a risky business at the moment as I am essentially guessing where the pointer is.

It's deeply frustrating as there is no apparent reason for it. I've taken on board the advice to buy a wireless router. The problem is two-fold. 1) I'm skint and don't really want to shell out for something that is essentially a luxury. 2) It doesn't fit into my long-term plans. It has been my intention for sometime, once I have secured a proper job, to build my own media PC from scratch. Part of hat plan was to set up a quite sophisticated wireless network, using a high speed network (possibly 8011n standard when it is finalised), to stream movies and music around the house, make VOIP calls and, like my friend, buy a plug in box for the telly to allow me to control the PC remotely. Thus, I am loathe to waste 30 quid on a cheap router that will probably not figure in this final design.

One last go this weekend, and then I have to make a decision I think.

In other news...

There are some really bad parents in the world. Two examples spring to mind.
1) The guy on the bus, with his 8 year old "daughter" on his knee. All the way into town he discussed the girl with his mate in front of her and the rest of the bus. Tactless in the extreme - but it got worse. His mate finally asked him "Do you wish she was yours?" to which the bloke replied. "Dunno really".

What the fuck was that poor little girl thinking? It made my blood boil, the poor little mite. I was amazed that his twat of a mate asked the question, yet for him to answer in anything less than a resounding "of course - I love her to bits", regardless of his private doubts, was cruelty personified. I'd have locked the cunt up.

Secondly, today I was in the sport centre, when one of the regular parents whom I was gossiping to whispered "look at him".
A young asian boy of about 10, waiting for his badminton class, was pouring multiple sachets of sugar into a polystyrene cup. Apparently he poured 4 in. At first, I thought he was just messing about. So I got up to see what he was playing at, to find he had a half cup of tea. He then stirred it in and started to slurp it off a spoon. Amazed, I felt I had to say something.
"How many sugars have you put into that cup?" I asked, just loud enough for his parents to hear. No response.
"You can't drink all that sugar, you'll be sick" I tried again a little louder. His parents looked at me like I had spouted a third head. He slurped the tea noislily. and scowled at me.
"Your teeth will fall out if you drink that much sugar" I tried one last time.
His parents scowled in my direction, before muttering something in their native language. The body language suggested it wasn't "isn't that man nice for caring about the well being of our child".

The results of course were predictable. He ran around like a blue arsed fly driving the coach nuts for the first 30 minutes, before flagging and going into a major sulk. The kid was already on the obese side of fat (his parents funnily enough looked fit and trim) - anyone want to wager on Type II diabetes before 20?



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