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Friday, October 07, 2005

A light at the end of the tunnel?

Two evenings ago, I sent informal inquiries (with my CV attached obviously) to 2 potential supervisors. One Oooop North and one Daan Saarf. The job market for my particular field is deader than a Brazilian on the Underground at the moment and both of these positions require someone with a whole range of skills that I don't have (i.e pretty much anything to do with proteins!),. So it was with some trepidation that I explained how I am a quick learner and enthusiastic worker and that I have been regularly exposed to these techniques in lab meeting and just give me a chance I'm begging you! Barely 36 hours later, I got a reply from the one Oooop North, telling me that my cover letter and CV made me a very strong applicant and that I should please apply formally. Naturally, I sent a reply thanking them for their rapid response. The application form has been filled in. Tomorrow, I shall compose a suitable "statement". I am reluctant to just do a cut and paste job from the covering email, as it smacks of laziness - so I will probably do a cut and paste from a previous application (heh - only kidding). So, fingers crossed.

Being a smartarse. Possibly a bad idea, but meh!

My University email account is still active (although it will probably be purged in the near future), so I still get all of the usual departmental crap. One of the emails I got today, triggered an immediate response, that whilst amusing, could possibly (although unlikely) come back and bite me on the arse. The secretaries who deal with this sort of thing have a good sense of humour (and besides even if I were to be re-employed at the University, the Dean won't have anything to do with it).

Invitation to: Dr Sanescientist,
As you may be aware, I am hosting a series of lunches with groups of staff and students from across the Department. The main purpose of the meetings is for me to "get to know you". I am not proposing a formal agenda for these first meetings, but I do hope that they will provide an opportunity for a frank discussion of any Department issues that are of concern to you.
I am inviting you to join me and several other members on Friday 14th October from noon - 1:00pm in Room [XXXX].
Please can you let [My secretary] know as soon as possible whether you will be able to attend.
I look forward to you joining me for lunch.
Best wishes
The Bossman

My (perhaps unwise) response.

Thank you for the kind invite.
Unfortunately, I am no longer employed at the university as my research contract ran out in July. Nevertheless, if Da Bossman would like to hear my views on how I feel the Badminton court booking system at the local Sports Centre could be streamlined, I have formed many strong opinions on that subject over the past few weeks.
Many thanks,

Dr Sanescientist



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