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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

How did you get here?

So here we go, as promised a selection of some of the weirder search terms that people have used to get to my blog. As before I have copied and pasted directly from the search box, so no sniggering at the spelling. Well OK, maybe just a little considering that it is often the fact that both the searcher and I haven't used a spell check that has gotten my blog flagged at the top of the results page...

First of all, can I make it clear that


I have had something like a dozen different searches from different countries using different local versions of google for this televisual treat.

Similarly, Paula Radcliffe getting caught short in the London Marathon has also spawned several different searches, including

paula radcliffe takes a pee

paula radcliffe pisses in street

I'm afraid I can't help you.

What I want to know is why do people like MadDog get nice searches, such as the lovely Sarah Beeney, whilst I get searches like:

kebab sweating jade goody

peter andre twat


LIsa Minelli Disease

It would also seem that I am a popular destination for folks looking for Scientist Porn (which came up twice) and bizarely Hawaian Porn. That'll be my dodgy spelling then. Ahem.

Sadly I have no pictures to share of Jolene Blalock nude

or the frankly eyewatering germain greer on bez

Some of the search terms are just surreal

"mummy's boy" "trousers down" conjures up unpleasant images and I've no idea why anyone would want a free downloadable angry kid onto mobile, whilst I am certain that hand down panties barclaycard is probably not going to feature in an ad campaign anytime soon. And I'm afraid that there aren't any famous people boasting about themself on this site. Nor can I help you in your search for plastic for antique speedometer or Tesco Miracle Gel.

Just occasionally, a real bonafide science search throws up my site

Southern Blot grrrr - quite appropriate I think although I'm not entirely sure what the individual looking for copier paper use "southern blot" was really looking for.

quantitative pcr trouble shouting - is a sentiment that anyone who has ever done qPCR can probably sympathise with.

Finally, in answer to the question Should I lie about my A levels - the answer is no, because mine are shite and we might end up going for the same job.



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