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Saturday, November 19, 2005

You patronising bastards!

Last night, a probationary female police officer was shot dead in Bradford by a gang robbing a Travel Agent.

So how does The Sun newspaper announce the news?

Police Girl Shot Dead

You patronising bastards! She was a 38 year old woman. Would they have called a probationary police officer a "police boy"? No, thought not. Scum.

Administrative Muppetry.

A few weeks ago, I applied for a job at a large Northern English University. A couple of days ago, I was excited to find a large A4 envelope emblazoned with the University logo sitting in my mailbox. Lets face it, they don't send you an envelope that big to tell you "No we aren't going to offer you an interview". I ripped it open on the bus as I travelled into work - I bet everyone on the bus heard my gasp of disbelief. They had taken my address off my completed application form (which took several hours to complete BTW) and used it to send me... a blank one asking me to fill in an application form and apply formally...




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