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Monday, December 19, 2005

Blank screen puzzler

OK, I'm just sticking this out there to see if anyone else has suffered from a similar bug.

Earlier in the year, I purchased a plug in Digital TV decoder for my laptop (A Terratec Cynergy T2). It works pretty well in general, and I can use it to watch all of the freeview channels. However, I have noticed a really strange bug.

Whenever I am watching one of the Channel 4 family of channels (C4, E4, E4+1 and the new More4), and it switches to adverts, the TV screen goes black and the picture disappears. The remainder of the desktop remains fine, and I can still hear the TV. The picture won't return, even when I switch channels, resize the window or toggle the display on and off. It can only be restored if I close the program and reload it. It only affects the channel 4 channels and happens pretty much every ad break.

It's getting bloody annoying! It doesn't appear to affect recorded programs, but does affect timeshifted (paused) shows.

Logically, it would seem that C4 broadcasts some sort of signal to signify the start of an ad break (perhaps to stop people skipping them?). However, it seems to kill the display.

So, anyone else noticed a similar problem with digital telly?



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