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Monday, January 16, 2006

Another year older, another year wiser...

... yeah right. I am now only able to describe myself as "twenty something" for another 12 months.

I started out with sensible intentions. Knowing that my house parties generally finish at 4am with the whole world looking blurry, I decided to delay my party for a week because mum and dad were coming up on sunday to take me to lunch. The last thing I want at 12 oclock after one of my parties is to get up and go to lunch. Not only that, the flat usually looks like it's been the scene of a major natural disaster, and smells of whatever drinks my guests and I have spilt on the carpet.

I decided to spend saturday cleaning my flat in preparation for m&ds visit on sunday, then perhaps ring a mate to go to the cinema and a quiet pint.

What actually happened is that I did sod all during saturday, before getting a phone call inviting me to someone else's party (the uni finally turned my email off so I didn't receive the invite earlier in the week). I had just enough time to buy some cleaning materials, before heading off to the party, drinking a bottle of red wine and several glasses of port (!?) then wobbling home at 3am.

Port + red wine = imsomnia, so at 830am I gave up on sleep and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen and made the flat almost presentable.

Its a good job I postponed that party, eh, I'm sure you'll agree.

Next year I WILL clean the flat before mum and dad arrive and I won't go out and get drunk the night before mum and dad visit. After all I will be turning 30 and all growed up and shit. My only consolation was that little sis had partied to 6am the night before and looked even worse than I did.



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