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Saturday, January 14, 2006

I'm trying to play sudoku goddamnit!

This week I finally jumped on the sudoku bandwagon to try and pass the time at work quicker. I quickly discovered that nothing is more likely to make me fuck it up than an interuption when I am mid-calculation.

Regular loiterers customers generally find it amusing when I spontaneously yell at the ringing phone "Go away, I'm paying sudoku" - before answering in my grovelling politest phone voice.

Tonight though, some fuckwit nearly got a pen shoved where the sun don't shine.

He arrived half an hour early for his badminton match. I was mid-game.
"Can I have a coffee, please?"
That is now my job also (I'll rant about that at a later date).
I made him his coffee and exchanged a few pleasantries.
I sat back down and managed to pick up where I left off.
A few minutes later.
"Can I have a Mars bar, please?"
I fetched him a Mars bar, took his money and sat back down.
It took me longer this time, but I soon found my place again.
"Can I have a muffin, please?"
I smiled tightly, before recommending the white chocolate covered double choc chip one.
This time, I had to redo several columns as I had forgotten which numbers on my scribble pad corresponded to which line. Pretty soon though I had filled three squares completely and several random rows and columns.
"That coffee is pretty good - can I have another cup?"
I poured him another cup.
Back to the game. Nearly there...
The number 3, twice in the fifth column...

"Michael, I'm taking a 5 minute break - could you serve that gentleman, I think he wants a bag of crisps..."



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