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Monday, February 20, 2006

Cheeky bastard!

Today, was laundry day. One of the plusses of living in my current apartment block is that the building managers over-estimated how many washers and driers we'd need. Consequently, I have never seen the place more than half full. Today, I decided it was time for a big load - bedding, winter coat and loads of clothes. A problem with one of the washers (my clothes came out drier than they went in - I'll be claiming £1.60 back tomorrow) meant that everything was still in the drier when my parents arrived to take me to lunch. As I have done countless times before over the past 2 years, I simply left my clothes drying.

I returned after lunch to find the place in turmoil. Some bastard had took it upon themselves to empty my driers and someone elses - and dump the whole sodding lot in one big pile in the middle of the room. In a pile of wet congealed soap powder. Fortunately, the other poor victim was a young woman, and she had mostly sorted out her clothes from the pile. Not only that, the cheeky fucker had made off with my laundry bag.

We'll know how successful our sorting operation was if, come monday morning, I'm wearing knickers and a bra and she is wearing jeans about 8 sizes too big. I'm just glad that I tend to shop at Primark rather than Harvey Nicks - no expensive clobber to get stolen.




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