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Thursday, March 30, 2006

In one end straight out the other...

Lucozade Sport - Isotonic? Pah!

I wouldn't normally touch Lucozade with a ten-foot barge pole, however there was a crate of the stuff left over from them sponsoring a recent event at the sport centre. Years of being a student has made it pretty much impossible for me to say no to anything described as "Free", so I helped myself to a couple of bottles. For the past two evenings I have walked out the door at the end of my shift swigging a bottle of it. For the past two evenings I have been standing cross-legged, cross-eyed and sweating in the elevator to my apartment 40 minutes later. Both times, I haven't even had time to take my coat off before needing to undo my flies. Tonight, I still had my bag over my shoulder.

How on earth can somethimg that makes me piss like a horse 40 minutes after consuming it, possibly rehydrate me after a work-out?



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