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Friday, March 24, 2006

This is so, so, wrong!

I'm turning into a pervert.

I can't believe it! There are certain things that it is absolutely wrong to find sexually attractive; children, animals and old men over the age of 90 are widely recognised no-nos.

However, I have found myself breaking the ultimate taboo.

I have found that I am rather taken by a Member of Parliament.

Julia Goldsworthy MP is the Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Falmouth and Camborne. And, having watched her doing swimming and gymnastics in channel 4's Celebrity Athletics Contest "The Games", I have become uncomfortably aware of the fact that she really does look very good in Lycra.

In my defence, she is no Ann Widdecombe, and at 27 is not exactly an old trout. But I can't help but feel dirty.

I'm off for a cold shower.



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