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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Tuesday Twat(s)

No. 55. The immigration service.

No, this isn't going to be a rant about the frankly over-reported and exagerated numbers of alleged illegal asylum seekers supposedly flooding Britain. Nor is it about the under-reported problems faced by entirely legitimate overseas students who are being royally fleeced to renew their visas.

Rather, it concerns the laws surrounding people like this man.

or as he appears now

From the BBC.

In 1999, former rock star Gary Glitter aka Paul Gadd, was released after serving half of a woefully short 4 month prison sentence for possessing Child pornography. Fortunately, he was caught by his own gross stupidity when he sent his computer off for repair - with a hard disk full of kiddy fiddle pictures.

After being released, Glitter shed a few crocodile tears, claimed he was sorry and promptly fucked off on holiday - making a beeline for several of the world's top child sex tourism hotspots.
Last week, I watched an frankly chilling BBC3 documentary entitled "Come Home Gary Glitter?" The aim of the programme was quite interesting. The presenter's thesis was that offenders such as Glitter would be far better off seeking treatment for their unnatural and immoral perversions in the UK, rather than dropping off the radar and carrying on their shameful behaviour abroad. With that in mind, they decided to try and track him down. They followed him across the globe. What they uncovered was deeply disturbing. Despite being banned from Cambodia, Glitter sneaked back in to the country and set about looking after "Foster Children". When he finally fled that country, he toured the Far-East gaining admittance to orphanages by claiming to be a doctor. There he entertained the kids. The people in charge of these facilities are, understandably, not entitrely au fait with British 1970's Former Glam Rockstars (particularly when they change their appearance and go by their little known birth names) and so jumped at the chance to have him help look after the kids.

Eventually, the authorities in Vietnam caught up with him before the programme-makers and Glitter was arrested and charged with child rape. The sum of $1,000 was duly paid to each child's family and the rape charges were dropped (along with the threat of a firing squad). His remarkably candid lawyer admitted on the programme that he felt Glitter was probably guilty, however Glitter was subsequently convicted of committing obscene acts with a minor and given a three year prison sentence. Because of time already served, he will probably be released in December and sent back to the UK.

Well, my first question is "Why was he allowed to travel abroad in the first place?" If we can take the passports of football hooligans, why the hell can't we take them off kiddy fiddlers like Glitter? Whether we like it or not, this piece of human filth is OUR problem, nobody elses. And, as they pointed out in the programme, we are far better equipped to deal with him than impoverished third world countries such as Cambodia or Vietnam. The risk of these people re-offending is extremely high, and it is not unreasonable to prevent them from doing so by removing their passports.

So-called Child sex tourism, is illegal under the sex offences act. It's time the immigration service became more pro-active. Our reputation is tarnished by these animals - that alone should be reason enough.




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