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Friday, April 21, 2006


Todays post will be about bums and was triggered by two derriere related incidents in the same day.

The first was rather amusing. The sport centre was having a holiday session for local kids. Completely gratis, it attracted loads of kids and at least three parents, siblings, cousins and parole officers per child. One of the parents was, unquestionably, a Yummy Mummy. Definately. Accompanying said YM, was her partner (to use today's politically correct, non-assuming, no wish to cause offence term). As they left the desk after registering, I noticed his hand cupping her rather shapely left buttock. For the next 90 minutes, every time I passed them, I noticed his hand hadn't moved. Insecure? Yeah I think so.

The second is just freaky and this condition must have a latin name. I was standing at the bus stop and a young black woman came past. About 5'4", of apparently average build, it wasn't until she passed me that I noticed something rather odd. I am a pretty big bloke no question, with a build that suggests gatherer rather than hunter shall we say. Without a hint of exageration, you could fit TWO of me inside her jeans, and they still wouldn't fit nearly as snugly as they fit her. It was as if they had taken the top half of a normal-sized woman and stuck it to the top of one of those amazing 45 stone American women you see in documentaries about Texas. Remarkable. On the grounds of taste, I won't describe what happened when she ran for the bus. Suffice to say that no one at that bus stop will forget the sight...



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