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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dan Brown helps World Peace!

Yes - you read it here first!

It seems that the imminent screening of the Da Vinci Code has helped broker the first steps in the healing process between East and West. It seems that Muslim whack-jobs are unable to face having the limelight stolen by Christian whack-jobs and have promised to violently protest the Da Vinci Code's release - a heart-warming gesture of solidarity excused justified by the fact that Muslims believe that Jesus was a cool guy too!
BBC News

I'm ecstatic I have to say, because only last week I bought shares in an Indian company specialising in the manufacture of extra-flammable US flags. They'll sell loads!

Since Mr Brown has been so successful in opening dialogue between Muslims and Christians, perhaps he should see if he can bridge the divide between Muslims and Jews also? I suspect that it is unlikely that the Chief Rabbinate will protest against the film's depiction of the self-styled "King of the Jews", so I think that the film's makers need to be more creative. May I suggest that the closing theme to the film be "Springtime for Hitler" from Mel Brooke's "The Producers"?

Go on Mr Brown -complete the set! If you succeed in getting Christians, Muslims and Jews to unite in their hatred of you, your place in history will be secure. Just check under the car before you open the door, eh?

Hare Krishna!



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