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Friday, May 05, 2006

Sartorial advice from SaneScientist

Summer's here and it is time, if I may, to impart a little wisdom.

Ladies, the weather is such that it is customary to wear a top designed to let every one see, in intimate detail, exactly what type of bra you wear. Fine, I'm told that they are expensive pieces of clothing and I understand the need to show the world your latest purchase. For example, I have been proudly showing off the new white sport socks that I purchased at Primark recently by wearing trousers with a 26 inch leg instead of my usual 34 inch.

But there are two points I feel one should consider when wearing such a top.

1) The effect is ruined slightly if you are not actually wearing a bra.

2) Consider bending your knees not your back should you drop your bus pass. This is particularly important if number 1) also applies.

Next week, I shall be discussing the merits of gentlemen wearing underpants when wearing shorts, particularly when sitting with one leg resting on a table. "Undercarriage down. We're coming in to land". I think you get my drift.



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