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Sunday, June 18, 2006

I have a new boss!

... And already he's pissed me off!

The former General Manager of the sport centre has been promoted. I'd like to say that I wished him well on his new job. Unfortunately, I never actually met him. He managed to avoid visiting our corner of the centre for the entire time that I have worked here. With the exception of one notable occassion, when a minor celebrity turned up and he magically appeared just long enough to get his photograph in the local newspaper.

And so, we have a new GM. He was pointed out to me in hushed tones when I strolled into work last Tuesday. Naturally, he didn't deign to respond to me when I wished him a polite good evening as he left. Nevertheless, I seem to have made quite an impression. First thing the following morning my Agency "handler", phoned me to say that there had been a complaint about my standard of dress. WTF?

As I walked in to work that evening, the duty manager greeted me at the door with "I'm so sorry! That new General Manager rang up this morning, wanting to know your name and the telephone number of your agency. From now on, you have to wear a button up shirt and trousers".

Now this has pissed me off somewhat. First of all, I am the smartest person in the building. Standard uniform for managers and coaching staff alike is a polo shirt with the centre's logo, dark blue tracksuit bottoms and trainers. I turned up on my first day wearing a shirt, tie, smart trousers and smart shoes. I was told I could ditch my tie. A few weeks later, when chatting with the DM one night, I was told that the reason for the strict dress code for the receptionist was because a previous temp had taken to coming in wearing ripped blue denim jeans and T-shirts with dubious logos. When I mentioned that I only owned two pairs of work trousers - my normal attire being jeans and T-shirt (and I'm buggered if I'm wearing my suit trousers) - I was told that I could wear smart, black pressed jeans in lieu of trousers as long as I wore a button up shirt.

But no more, it seems. And it really pisses me off that he didn't have the guts to tell me himself.
"we'll have to watch our backs with this one" was the glum assessment of the only duty manager to have actually spoken to the new guy in the month he has been in post. And they wonder why staff morale is so low...



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