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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Tuesday Twat(s)

No. 68. Public dope smokers

OK, no matter where you stand on the whole legalise/criminlise debate - you have to admit that people who wander down a busy high street trailing "funny smelling" smoke behind them are fucking idiots.

It seems to be an epidemic near where I live and is getting more common. Sitting upstairs on the bus has always been a good way to get light-headed on the cheap. However, sitting downstairs is almost as effective these days. And with summer days inevitably leading to more people sitting outside, either in beer gardens, cafes or bus shelters, it seems that more and more people are quite brazenly smoking joints. I've also seen people wandering down the street carrying very obviously well-used bongs.

Why is this? Is there some misconception about whether it is now legal or not? It seems to me quite clear that the new guidelines on cannibas use simply allow Police Officers more discretion. They can choose to give you a warning for small amounts, rather than "hauling yo ass" down to the police station for a caution or fine. The keyword here being "discretion", in all it's meanings. I humbly submit that if PC Plod is searching you or your property for some reason and finds nothing more incriminating than a single joint - he or she may choose to give you a warning. If however, you are standing in the middle of the highstreet on a busy saturday afternoon, giggling like a school girl and puffing enthusiastically on a doobee the size of cuban cigar - most Police Officers would regard that as "taking the piss" and probably arrest you just for being a knob head.

I have an inherent dislike of people that behave like pricks and I can't wait for the day when some copper decides that arresting these twats is at least as productive in terms of cases solved as pouncing on someone feeding chips to pigeons in a public park. The look on their face will be priceless...




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