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Friday, July 21, 2006

Back in Blighty, Nighty Nighty!

I'm baaaack! According to my watch, it's Thursday. According to the clock on my laptop it's Friday. I have absolutely no idea which is correct. I've obviously put one forward and one back. I am so tired I can't work it out, I'm going to have to look it up on ceefax. I'll do a proper blog later when I've actually slept for more than 4 hours. One of the downsides of this trip has been the sheer lack of sleep. After missing the first flight out, I've taken no chances, arriving at the airport in time for first boarding. Since all my flights have been early morning, on several occassions I have been wined and dined by my interviewer until midnight before catching a taxi at 4am the next morning. The novelty of take off and landing (normally my favourite part of flying) has long since gone and on several occassions I fell asleep before take-off and had to be woken by a steward after landing.

Anyway, until my next post here are a few statistics from the last 10(?) days.

Labs visited 4
Aeroplanes boarded 10
Different airports 8
KM flown ~15,000
Timezones experienced 3
Taxis 21
Free meals 9
Weight gained Let's not go there!
Photos taken 185
Thunder storms 4
Hottest temperature experienced 105F/40C + 70% humidity.
Shirts and ties worn 8
Conversations with random strangers.... too many to count.

Offers of employment......... pending!



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