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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Canadian Affair and Thomas Cook are fucking bastards!

Total, utter, cunting bastards!

They have "Over-booked" the flight I was supposed to be catching. Despite my pleas that I have a job interview tomorrow morning they refused to transfer me to another airline or fly me to NY for example and let me fly up in the morning. I spoke to head office, threw my toys (politely) out of the pram and threatened legal action. No good, the bastards wouldn't budge.

I nearly ripped the buggers head off when he said
"Unfortunately, you did only just make check-in".
No I fucking didn't! I was present over an hour before check-in, they just made us stand around with our thumbs up our arses for 45 minutes before they started taking our bags. Unfortunately, my queue then got held up by some twat who couldn't work out where his passport was. The young lady behind me who jumped into the faster moving queue next to us, was last on the flight.

So now I have to try and reorganise my schedule. I am hoping to at least meet my interviewer for an evening meal tomorrow, then perhaps pop in for a quick tour of the university during my 5 hour lay over before I catch my flight home next week. Can anything else go wrong?

At least I have gotten some small measure of revenge. They offered to put me up up in an airport hotel. I was sorely tempted, just on principle. But then I figured, they probably have a special deal with the local hotels and I'd rather sleep in my own bed. Besides - I live a fair distance and the fare is quite expensive. So when I got in and the driver asked "which route would you like me to take" I replied "Take the scenic one mate - and don't forget a generous tip, the airline is playing".



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