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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Just checking in

Well, touch wood it seems that the trip is going well after a shaky start. Canadian Affair have agreed to delay my return to the UK by 24 hours allowing me to stay over and have the interview I missed on Monday. I'm still going to write a letter of complaint because I want to try and claw back some of the 2 nights Hotel bookings that I missed. If I have to swallow the costs so be it, but I'm going to try my best.

The trip has been great both from a job-hunting perspective and a sight-seeing point of view. I took over 100 photos in New York alone! I've made a pre-emptive strike on the whole dodgy reference thing and it seems that all of my interviewers have their own hellish post-doc stories, and were pretty sympathetic and encouraging. My talk has gone down well, with several of the audience eager to hear more. I've even emailed a chapter of my PhD thesis to one person.

I've plenty of stories to share over the next few posts. As a little tease, here are a few upcoming posts:

"SaneScientist in the Hood!"
"Going Underground"
"Morgan Spurlock wasn't exaggerating!"
"Canada, eh?"

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