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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Naughty, Naughty, Rupert!

Looks like Rupert Murdoch has just moved to the back of the queue for that Knighthood. He'll have to make some serious donations to the Labour party to make up for this last cock-up.

It seems that the Royal Editor of one of his Sunday "Newspapers", The News of the Screws (That's the News of the World for non-AngloSaxons, "Screws" being a reference to the fact that it deals exclusively in tales of who is screwing who), has been arrested following a four month police investigation into alleged phone-tapping at Clarence House, the official residence of Prince Charles and his two sons.

The BBC is also gleefully reporting that the investigation is widening to include several celebrities and politicians. Is that the deafening stampede of lawyers I hear in the distance?

I'm sure the rat-faced muckraker will deny all knowledge, but this story has the potential to just run and run. The Screws' main rival the Mirror ain't going to let this one disappear, even if the Screws' weekday stable-mate The Sun has curiously neglected to mention it on their website yet.

This is going to be fun!



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