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Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Sunday Snigger

No. 3. Moral

A young man is due to get married. A week before the big day, he receives a call from his future mother-in-law, asking him to come over. When he gets there, a bottle of wine is open on the table and there are two glasses. He becomes uncomfortably aware that she is in very good shape for a woman of her years - and is dressed to best effect.

Pouring him a glass of wine, she sits down.
"Daniel, I cannot tell you how happy Brian and I are that you are marrying our Katie. You are a lovely young man, from a delightful family, with a good job and prospects. However, it will be your duty to keep our daughter happy and satisfied for the rest of her life. In ALL respects".
With that she stood up, retrieving both glasses and the remainder of the bottle, before heading to the stairs.
"I shall be in the master bedroom with both glasses of wine. I would ask you to follow me up and prove to me that you are man enough to keep my little girl happy."

The young man is racked with indecision. should he or shouldn't he?

Eventually, he makes his decision and heads out the front door. he has gone barely two steps before he is grabbed in a big hug by Katie's father.
"Welcome to the family my boy! Katie told us you were an honourable man. I know my wife can still turn heads after all of these years, but you still resisted temptation. I am delighted that you will be marrying our daughter."

And the moral of the story? Always leave your condoms in the car.



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