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Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Sunday Snigger

No. 4. Hairy

A teacher is giving a class to a group of children about how wonderful skin is. It covers our entire body; it keeps our blood inside and the rain outside; and helps us stay the right temperature and when it's broken, it fixes itself.

Trying to keep her charges interested, she decided to play a game.

"OK - hands up, who can think of something else that they would like to be covered in."

Immediately, Sally puts her hand up.
"I want to be covered in gold, cos then I can scrape some off and buy my daddy a Rolls Royce"
"Very imaginative. Who else has a good idea?"

Ashok puts her hand up.
"I want to be covered in Platimum, cos it's more expensive that Gold and I can scrape some off and buy daddy a Rolls Royce and Mummy a Porsche"
"OK, very good Ashok. Who's next."

Little Johnny raises his hand excitedly.
"I want to be covered in pubic hair"
"Errr... why?" stammers the teacher, flustered.
"Cos my sister only has a little triangle of it between her legs, and you should see some of the cars that have started appearing outside our house!"



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