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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This week, there will be no Tuesday Twat because...


Woo Hoo! At last! It's been 12 1/2 months since I finished my old job and I've spent the last 12 months working at a local Sport Centre, getting more and more depressed. I decided that I really liked this lab the moment I saw it. But the supervisor was going on holiday and wanted me to write a project proposal. So after almost 4 weeks of waiting by the phone and checking my email constantly, I've been offered a 12 month contract!

In about a month's time, I shall be getting on a jet plane and flying off to a new lab in Canada! I found out barely an hour ago and have been trying to find people to tell! Mum, Dad and little sis are away on their holidays. Fortunately, one of my oldest friends replied to my text message and so I've been able to share the news.

I am feeling slightly guilty. I just found out that my Nan's sister died, so I rang her to see if she was OK. Nana has been praying for this job ever since I got back from Canada, so having only just found out (less than 5 minutes before I called her), I couldn't resist telling her. Well, the gamble paid off and she told me that it had cheered her up immensly. So that's good.

Now I can start on my To Do list. First things first, there are a half dozen customers that need to be told to "Fuck Off". I think I'll do that first...



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