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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Tuesday Twat(s)

No. 74. Buyers of "Celebrity" fragrances.

It seems that Posh and Becks have jumped on the same bandwagon as the likes of J-Ho J-Lo, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears and brought out their own scent. Feel free to insert any jokes you see fit about it not being the first stinker Posh has released.

As the marketing hype swings into over-drive, queues are predicted as fashionistas and Chavs alike race to buy the most eagerly awaited fragrance since... well, the last one.

Sheer Twattery. And for once I can back up my vitriol with cold, hard logic - rather than just asking you to tolerate my misanthropy.

They are buying something they have never smelt and paying a premium for a fashion item that nobody knows they are wearing.

The scent has just been released - the people queuing have never smelt it. Furthermore, even when they splash it on to cover the fact they got up too late to have a shower, nobody they encounter will know either! Sure, somebody might ask them "whew, what's that smell?" to which they will proudly boast "Beckham's Jockstrap" - but consider this: I can say exactly the same thing when I wear some of the dodgy bottle of Jovan Musk my Uncle picked up cheap on his travels. And how would they ever know?

Thus these fools have fallen for the advertising industry's most cynical example of style over substance.

I say, the Emperor's new clothes are very smart aren't they?




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