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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sanescientist has left the building!

Actually, I left my apartment a few days ago, but my parent's AOL content settings were set to "Taliban" and I couldn't even access Hotmail let alone a debauched example of Western decadence such as Blogger.

Anyways, I am now back in the bosom of my family awaiting that all important work permit. It arrived at the Canadian Embassy 24 hours after I sent it (Thank God for recorded Delivery - it saves a lot of anxiety), and now I am just awaiting its processing.

I'm off to bed in a moment, so I'm just checking in. I'll write more later, now that I have fixed my internet access.

Upcoming highlights will include my leaving do (involving Polyamory and saucy pics of former colleagues) and a really lovely "bon voyage" party arranged by my oldest friends.



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