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Monday, October 30, 2006

An explosion in a paint factory...

... best describes my bathroom Saturday morning.

That's what you get when you decide to ressurect Count Dracula for Halloween. White face paint, black eye shadows and fake blood. LOTS of fake blood. However, painting my hands white and turning the nails black and red was probably the straw that broke the camel's back. Times like this, I'm glad I live alone, since I would have been evicted in a shared house. The make up smeared the walls, the floor, the mirror - even the toilet bowl after I unwisely put soiled tissues down it.

Nevertheless, it seemed to do the job. There were probably 200 people at the party and if you told me that I was photographed with half of them, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised. It was easy to tell who had been photographed with Count Sanescientist - they had a white hand print on their shoulder. Ahem.

The party was pretty good. There was plenty of cheap beer and some really cool costumes. My favourite had to be the person who came as a fried egg. He wasn't sure why either, but it was pretty funny. When it wound down we went on and gatecrashed two more parties up in the "Frat" district. We decided to leave the second one hastily when one of our party inadvertantly sat down on the house cat. It didn't seem hurt, but it definately lost at least one life and refused to come down off the wardrobe, hissing like an angry python.

Of course, when I arrived home I was realised my slight oversight - no makeup remover. Three showers and a dozen handwashes later, my skin still looks paler than it did on Friday morning!Unfortunately, two of my towels may or may not go through the washing machine again - they might just be irredeemable. Meanwhile my bedding most certainly will be going through my washing machine and my "wedding suit" and waistcoat will be off to the dry cleaners. Oh well, the cape, teeth and makeup set me back less than $20, so a few more bucks on dry cleaning isn't going to break the bank.

All in all, a pretty good night. Unfortunately, I have to give a presentation wednesday morning (which I am seriously stressed about), so I won't be doing anything else for Halloween.

Keep safe and watch your Ghoulies.



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