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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Tuesday Twat(s)

No. 76. The makers of powdered gloves.

I'm sorry, but it's 2006 - why in god's name do manufacturers still make bloody powdered latex gloves? Normally, we use powder-free gloves. Unfortunately, some muppet ordered powdered gloves from stores. Being a relatively small lab, on a tight budget, we are stuck with the bloody things. We can't really justify chucking them, and we can't get a refund.

For those readers whose hobbies/sex-lives don't involve the regular use of latex gloves, let me assure you that you aren't missing much. My entire work area is now covered in a fine coating of talcum powder; my progress around the lab can be tracked by following the white hand-prints and my brand-new, worn-for-the-first-time-today, black winter coat has two bloody great handprints on it (it was hanging on the back of my chair). My hands look like Kate Moss' top lip and I've found that if I clap them together, it looks like she's sneezed. Call me a whinger, but surely it says something profound about the design of powdered gloves that I actually need to wash my hands after wearing them?

Of course, it could be worse. These days they are full of talc. Years ago, before people started getting alarmed at the rapid numbers of people developing latex allergies (some of my friends never suffered from exczema or psoriasis on their hands before they started their PhDs), the powder was latex. Not only did you run the risk of making yourself allergic to most condoms (I have it on extremely good authority that it does happen), when you returned to work after a weekend away, your hands still smelt like you'd finished a 16 hour shift in the Durex factory. Even an obsessive compulsive handwasher couldn't get rid of the smell.

So to Sempermed et al - for christ's sake, STOP making the damn things. I've used powder free for years and they work perfectly well!!




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