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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hello, may I help you?

Since installing Sitemeter, I have become somthing of a referal whore. Posts by MadDog and others have got me looking at my referal stats to see just how people are finding my site. It is truly amazing just how people stumble across my site. By far the most interesting are those from google and other search engines.

Of course, a lot of this comes from people typing a number of keywords into the engine, but not enclosing them in quotes, thus archive pages that contain all of the words, but scattered over several posts are thrown up.

A few of the more bizarre examples include (all cut and posted directly from the query, so don't blame me for the spelling):

is thief a tie in between internet usage and a teens grades

famous scientist wanted poster?

bladder bursting

how many years do it take to be a scientist

more scientist of yawning

mastermind beeps mp3

video of harrier jumpjet

Wopping tits invocation

HP PSC2100 series how to take apart

kenzie blazing squad cancer photos

cesspit bastard chav
(my favourite!)

the life and work of a woman scientist

crack and what it dies to a sane person

scientist hear screaming digging

freeview angry kid tourettes

Rather more worrying were the queries

PG-13 cunt

"rebecca loos"video clip pig

I would rather not know what those visitors were actually looking for.

Bizarrely, simply searching for "Paracetemol" in Google throws up my humble page in the second page of results.

By far the most funny visit though is that from someone from MWG-Biotech, who twice visited their Tuesday Twat award. Please feel free to use it in customer training sessions, chaps.



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